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Thursday, September 3, 2009

You judge it...

Listed here is the URL of worst websites. Choose any 2 worst website and refer to the task given to complete your assignment. (You can choose any other worst websites too).

Your task:
From the 2 worst website that you choose, explain in details the following:
1) Functional and Task Analysis
For functional analysis, describe in details in terms of identifying the functionality of the website. Meanwhile, for task analysis, examine the user’s goals, which are what they want to accomplish when visiting those kinds of website.
2) Gestalt Psychology
Give your opinion(s) on how to organize what you can see in the website into meaningful wholes by using five principles – PROXIMITY, SIMILARITY, SYMMETRY, CONTINUITY, and CLOSURE.

3) Generic User Characterization
Identify physical differences (demographic) for each worst website chosen as well as the cultural differences in terms of education, profession and corporate style.
4) Give your recommendations on how to improve the worst websites that you choose.

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